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Electrical & EFI

The fox body EFI (EEC-IV) system is great for the DIY’er for maintenance, fixes and modifications. You’ll find articles about the fox body’s fuel injection from the SMOG system to EEC codes as well as other electrical help for your fox.

Engine and Transmission

Some helpful articles about your fox’s 5.0L HO engine from the history of popular GT40 parts to basic information to help you select the right camshaft for your 302!

Suspension and Brakes

The factory fox Mustang suspension and brakes are, well, not really great for today’s standards. But the fox has a 4 link rear suspension and brake upgrades are actually very affordable.

Cosmetics – Body

This is where we will hold articles around your fox body Mustang’s body modifications. Still a new section, if you have ideas – feel free to contact

New to Foxbody Mustangs?

How to Buy a Fox

It can be a pain to find a good fox Mustang, the newest is from 1993 – so not very “new”. With the attention they’ve been getting recently, their values have been steadily going up. Finding one with a budget is still possible, you just need to know what to look for to prevent buying something that needs more work than it’s worth.

Fox Mustangs for Beginners

It can be overwhelming for the “newbies”, there’s certainly a LOT of information online albeit disorderly and packed with various opinions and flame wars. This article will help guide the fox newbies and point to good pieces of information needed to get started with the fox Mustang hobby.

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