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Readers Rides

These featured foxes are sent in from FoxStang.com's readers. Enjoy people's pride-n-joy Mustangs, get inspired or just tour a bunch of fox Mustangs – who could say no to that?

84 fox Mustang

Robert’s 1984 Fox Mustang

When you ask Robert, why are you into foxbody Mustangs and how did you end up with your 84? He answers: "It is a...
88 GT Convertible

Randy’s Perfect 88 GT Convertible

Purchased brand new back in December of 1988 as Randy's wife's daily driver. The 88 GT was parked in 1991 when they got a...
Fox Mustang 1985 Predator GT350H

Dan’s Very Cool and Very RARE 1985 Predator/Cobra GT 302H

Dan is a proud owner of a rare jewel of a fox! What Is the Predator Mustang? For four years, between 1983 and 1986, the...

Project Mustangs

This section will feature and follow some cool fox Mustang projects, starting with my own black notch, my blue restoration project and hopefully many more.

Fox Mustang Resto Project

The Dirty Cobra Gets Torn Apart!

One of the things we need to do before going online to buy parts for the restoration is to figure out what you're dealing...

1980 Cobra (The Dirty Cobra)

Now that Project Divorce is pretty much done (no seriously, ok... almost). I decided to work on another Fox but this time a 4-eye....

Project Divorce Gets New Wheels and Stuffs

Spring has arrived, Steve has been working on this black notch all winter and recently changed things up a little. Starting with new wheels....

The Stock’ish 87 Notch Mustang: Project Divorce

It seems most Fox Mustang owners go mental over their cars. They literally eat, sleep and breath foxbody Mustang and Steve is no exception...

Interesting Foxes Sold

Following the foxbody Mustang market closely, here are some of the highlights of the “high-end” fox Mustangs going for good money. This section is updated monthly – be sure to check it out often.

Dennis Collection Foxes

Latest “famous” batch of Foxes to hit the Auction (Scottsdale 2018)

These had a lot of fan fair and they got decent numbers but I'm sure Dennis is disappointed with the results, looks like the...

89 Saleen with under 7,000 miles

This 89 Saleen with 6853 original miles which has been garage kept since 1989 sold at auction for $22,000USD in Feb 2017

1993 Triple White ‘vert – Dennis Collins Collection of Foxes

This 165 mile original fox convertible fetched $44,000 USD at Barrett Jackson - Jan 2017.Here's the original ad, I think DC/RR bought...

Weird Ones

This section is reserved for some interesting fox Mustangs found on classifieds. Warning: The images you see in here are for mature audiences only, some may find these offensive.

batmobile fox mustang

A BatFox? Batmobile out of a Foxbody Mustang

The child in me went "yaaaaaa", at least for a second or two. This unsuspecting fox body Mustang suffered the horrors of batmutilation and...
strange fox

82 GT Convertible???

We all know the convertible fox Mustang debuted in 83... so what is this 82 GT? The advert specifies it's a one of one...

You know, something weird is born every minute!

This is something that used to be an 1986 Foxbody Mustang Convertible. Now has been modified to sort of look like a 50's Ford...