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“All things fox Mustang” is foxstang.com’s slogan – every piece of content is geared towards the fox Mustang and its community of enthusiasts. The 3rd gen Mustang has always been popular in the performance crowd but is now entering a new era of collectability with new enthusiasts entering the community each day. #FoxLife is all about celebrating all things fox Mustang and the people behind it!

April Fool’s Joke 2017

It looks like this EEC based joke caught a few people :). It was basically saying if you add a resistor to the ground strap, it would trigger some sort of hidden "performance" mode....
Dan the foxbody Mustang Restorer

Dan, Restorer of Foxbody Mustangs Shares His Story

During car shows or cars and coffee, we often meet some awesome people. Those who have a passion for the same kind of car and an interesting back story to go with it. Also,...

Fox Mustang is BEST Mustang – Top 5 reasons!

I'm like most foxbody Mustang owners, I not only restore my own, I find every excuse to take it out of the garage - even if it's getting groceries (hey a few bruised apples...

Buying a Foxbody Mustang 101

No doubt buying a fox body Mustang can be a pain, with rising prices, clean untouched ones getting harder to find and some dubious sellers hiding problems. I hope this video guide of fox...

Fox Mustang Television Commercials

Ford Mustang television commercials all the way back to 1981, gotta love how cheesy these feel today - watch the marketing material used to sell these foxbody Mustangs back in the day!

Fox Mustang Guide for Beginners

We’re not going into full detail here, there’s plenty of information available online. This is a basic guide to help those entering the hobby, what modifications are considered as "must-have" and a good set...

How to Sell Your Fox

God forbid you need to sell your fox Mustang but I figure the time is ripe for a good post on how to sell a car. I've been spending too much time looking at...

Coloring Pages for the Kiddies

Share the fun with your kids, download these fox Mustang illustrations and spend some time colouring them with the kids (or ummm... by yourself, no one is judging).

A bold opinion: Fox Mustang is the last classic Mustang!

It’s a bold thought because a lot of people say that a fox is not a classic in the first place. Why am I thinking it’s the last classic? First let’s figure out what...
fox mustang wallpaper

Fox Mustang Wallpaper – March 2017

If you love the fox Mustang, you'd probably enjoy this desktop wallpaper download. It's in 1920x1080, click on the image below to download.Download here