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Fox Mustang History

The fox body Mustang has had a 14 year life-span, in that time the fox Mustang has developed a cult following and has a pretty interesting story from the birth to special tuner models to the end with the 93 Cobra and Cobra R models. Read about the entire timeline from the birth of the fox Mustang, to the complete story and the special edition Mustangs either factory, tuner or even dealership specials.

The Complete Fox Body Mustang Story

The fox body Mustang story had started in 75/76 with three design teams competing for having their designs slated for production. It was Jack Telnack’s team that had won the privilege of  turning their design...

The Birth – A Fox Mustang History Lesson

We all know about Lee Iacocca who spearheaded the development of the beloved Ford Mustang which started the pony car trend and changed automotive history in the 60's. The 1979 Fox body Mustang was...