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Thermostat selection fox Mustang

Which Thermostat To Use : EFI Fox Mustang?

In the old (carb'd) days, we’d slap on a 160 thermostat (or worse) on our Windsors and head out into the wild. Things changed a little with the EECIV managing the EFI on the...
Fox Mustang EFI Sensor Help

The Complete Fox Mustang EFI Sensors and Things

The EFI system isn't really that complex on a fox body Mustang, it has a few sensors, solenoids, relays and a computer handling all this input to strive for the best fuel ratio for...
fox mustang smog

Fox Mustang SMOG System Help (86-93)

We often see dismantled smog systems on fox Mustangs, some think the power gains are worth the effort and in some cases worth the risk in areas where removing smog can lead to fines....
Get trouble codes on fox Mustang EECIV

EEC Codes – Figure Out What Your Fox Body Codes Are

You can easily grab your trouble codes, and this will help you diagnose your MIL or “Check engine ” light on that fox body Mustang of yours! You can either use the MIL or a test light depending on your year.

Electric Fan Install How-To: Fox Mustang

Lots of soul searching which brought upon me an existential crises but at the end of the day I finally decided on what electrical fan system to put together.First, you should know I have...

Ground Issues on a Fox Mustang?

Sometimes the starter won't engage properly because not enough power can cycle through it due to a bad engine ground. Sometimes this results in weird ground "fixes" for sure, avoid the urge to add...