All Things Fox Body Mustang

A whole new chapter in muscle car history started in 1979 with the first fox body Mustang. A complete departure from the Mustang II and built on the new fox platform – this European inspired lightweight, 5.0 powered Mustang has been a favourite among performance enthusiasts since the early 80’s. Jump to the full fox Mustang story or visit’s foxbody tech articles.

Birth of The Fox Mustang

Curious as to how the fox body Mustang was conceptualised and born? The 1979 Fox body Mustang was part of Jack Telnack’s vision and persistence despite opposing forces and the challenges of turning a Fairmont (which looks like a child’s boxy drawing) into something worthy of the Mustang brand! Check out the beginnings of the fox Mustang >

The Foxbody Story

Complete Fox Body Mustang StoryGet some insights into the 15 year run of the 3rd generation “fox” Mustang! Despite being born into OPEC, high gas prices, fuel rationing and a crises of confidence the 3rd generation Mustang is still considered a very important piece of Mustang history. Read the entire story of the fox body Mustang >

Special Foxes

Limited Edition - Special Fox Mustangs Complete Story The foxbody Mustang gave us more than LX and GT, over the years we got 3 versions of the Cobra, dealer specials like the Twister II and Dominator Mustangs. Check out the complete 3 part story of the limited edition fox Mustangs starting with the factory edition >

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