Test your Fox Body Knowledge

How do you compare with your fellow fox body Mustang nuts? Take the quiz and find out how strong your fox-IQ really is! If you follow foxstang.com, you should know all these questions 🙂 If not, maybe spend some time reading up about the fox Mustang hehe. Cheers and good luck!

What is a "4 eye" Mustang?

When was the "fox body" platform introduced?

Who was responsible for the fox Mustang?

When was the SVO Mustang introduced?

When was the 5.0HO introduced?

What year Explorer can I get GT40 heads?

The SVO bi-wing was for looks only?

What is the lightest fox Mustang?

What awesome Fox Mustang did Solomon American build?

When did the Foxbody have convertibles?

When was the roller cam introduced in the fox Mustang?

When was the 600 cfm Holley 4180C 4-barrel first used?

When did the hood emblem go from the pony to the oval?


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