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Join the family of FoxStang.com’s featured foxes. If you have an awesome fox Mustang with a cool story you’d like to share. Not all foxes will be uploaded to the featured section, only those with good images and a good story to go with it. The more detailed you are (the more pics too), the better your chances of having your fox featured on FoxStang.com and the better your chances at winning a prize!

Prize – $50 LMR.com Gift Card!

Each month, there will be a prize for the fox with the most votes/views. Prizes vary by month and April 2017 is a $50 LMR gift card to help you with your fox project. LMR (if you don’t already know) is a fantastic resource if you own a late model Mustang, especially a fox! They have awesome restoration parts and performance parts with great customer service and a website that’s super easy to use.

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Please make sure to review all your content, the better your images the better your chances of being featured and getting a prize! Your email and any personal information will not be published on foxstang.com. Your email will only be used to inform you of the status of your featured ride article. If you are having issues, please email shoptalk@foxstang.com

Last Month’s Winner

This awesome, original 1979 Cobra owned by Jim, won the March 2017 prize ($25 gift card and foxstang.com oil-change reminder cards). This is one sweet original fox Mustang, deserving of the win. Although they were all very good foxes uploaded in March – it wasn’t an easy vote for the FoxStang.com readers! Add your fox today!

Featured Fox Winner